Handling map events when things move around


By bitcraft 30 Jan 2016 05:39

Champion · 167 comments

I'll just start off by saying that I playing more Magic the Gathering than pokemon as a kid (never played pokemon), and that I've been learning the series by watching Let's Play vids on youtube.  I've noticed a very common game mechanic of "player tries to walk to new area, but some other person stops them".  There are also moments where you simply canot control your character and the game moves you and other sprites around.

So, what I am getting at, is that if anybody has any ideas about doing that in Tuxemon.  As a programmer, I want to help designers and content creators stay away from code, and focus on the game.  My gut instinct is to create a new event....but then what?  How do you specify where sprite move during an event?

My general, half-baked concept is to use the Tiled "Polyline" tool to create paths that sprites will follow.  Perhaps, you could have a "Make sprite X follow path Y" event?  Anyway, I'm totally getting ahead of myself, but wanted to open a thread for suggestions on game events, programming, etc.  Any ideas are appreciated.  big_smile


By ShadowApex 30 Jan 2016 06:44

Lead Developer · 374 comments

There is currently a pathfind action that will move an NPC from any location to a specified tile. I think that this action could be used in most situations but I have also considered making a "move_player" or "move_npc" action that you could chain together (E.g. move_player down, move_player left, move_player right, etc. that would move the player down, left, then right).

I think using the Polyline tool could also be neat. It would be much easier to visualize. I'd also love to hear from people on what they'd like to see.