Version 0.3.2-alpha Release


By ShadowApex 15 Mar 2016 05:24

Lead Developer · 374 comments

I'm happy to announce the release of Tuxemon 0.3.2! This latest alpha release includes a lot of new polished animations and backend work that brings us ever closer to a feature-complete game! Because of many new features, this release still has quite a few known issues.

I'd like to especially thank bitcraft for many of the new major code contributions including new animations and complete menu and state refactor. I'd also like to further thank Leo, Cavalcadeur, tamashihoshi, josepharaoh99, and Sanglorian for their art contributions during this release!

For a list of changes and binaries for Android, GCW-Zero, Windows, and Debian/Ubuntu of this release, check out the latest release on GitHub. Note that this is still an alpha build!: … .3.2-alpha




Release Notes

Tuxemon pre-release version 0.3.2

Known Issues:

  • In Android, all touch events will create a *K_UP* event for all buttons.
  • When using a smaller resolution, world player movement is slower.
  • Game may sometimes hang when exiting.
  • GCW-Zero version has certain scaling problems.
  • Local multiplayer support is limited due to menu rework.
  • Capture device may not work
  • Some animations in combat will abruptly end
  • PC Storage is broken.


  • Added concept art by Leo
  • Added crushing ball technique animation
  • Added Arthrobold, Cateye, Eyesore, Tux, Dune Pincher, and Foxfire monsters
  • Added Cat Lady, Tennis Ace, and Rockitten overworld sprites
  • Added dialog and text rendering that supports 'one char at a time' rendering
  • Added partially implemented translation framework
  • Added English translation files
  • Added German translation files
  • Added Czech translation files
  • Added 'npc_face' action event
  • Added 'npc_at', 'npc_facing', and 'npc_facing_tile' condition events
  • Added use of named tuples for actions and conditions
  • Added save path to use user's home directory
  • Fixed Save/Load system
  • Fixed use of named tuples in event system
  • Fixed bug where player's tile position was not added to collision map for pathfinding NPC's
  • Fixed bug where 'create_npc' action would keep creating new NPCs if not used with 'not npc_exists' condition
  • Fixed bug with 'dialog_open' condition incorrectly checking the length of the dialog stack
  • Menus are states and prevent input leaking
  • Menus have simplified construction, though still open for changes
  • Held keys are automatically and cleanly reset between state changes
  • Stack stack is pretty robust, though there are some issues
  • States capture input events, but can choose to let other states use them
  • States render from bottom up, giving a layered approach (with some facilities to improve speed)
  • Combat class has been rewritten to support interesting visual animations
  • Control class input handling has been broken up into groups (key, joystick, etc)
  • Saving and loading seems to mostly work
  • Many new functions for screen scaling found in
  • Many new sprite-related classes
  • Vast simplification of path mangling to load image and sound resources (
  • New animation system for smooth movement of sprites
  • Shadowed text rendering
  • Consolidated tests into the 'tests' folder
  • New unit tests for the state system
  • Swap monsters out in combat
  • Mixer moved to 'platform lib', where our platform specific code will be placed
  • State names are now the same as the class name, so they look nicer that ALL CAPS (WORLD => WorldState)
  • New "task" and "animated" methods to simplify animating things and scheduling functions in the future
  • Simplification of combat classes: Status modifiers, attacks, and items share common interface