Two new types: Heaven and Darkness


By Sanglorian 21 May 2016 04:21

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I know ShadowApex has said that we're committing to five types at this time, and I think that's fair enough - I certainly don't want to make more work for us at this point.

But at the back of my mind, I've been thinking for a while about how well two new types would fit into our matrix:

  • Heaven: For flying, divine, weather-based, legendary, heroic, light, fairy and magical creatures and techniques.
  • Darkness: For poisonous, evil, undead, fateful, sorcerous, shadowy, frightening and sinister creatures and techniques.

The two extra types would fit in as such:

  • Heaven is not very effective against Water, as rain swells the waters and wind whips it up and the Moon gives the ocean motion
  • Water is not very effective against Darkness, as darkness fell upon the face of the deep, and the depths of the oceans are dark
  • Heaven is super-effective against Fire, as wind and rain extinguish fire, and the Sun eclipses mere flames, and fire was a gift of the gods to humankind
  • Fire is super-effective against Darkness, as fire lights the dark, warms the spirit and lends courage
  • Darkness is not very effective against Earth, as it falls harmlessly on the planet every nighttime
  • Earth is not very effective against Heaven, as the Earth supports the heavens
  • Darkness is super-effective against Metal, as humans are afraid of the dark and metals can dull and rust
  • Metal is super-effective against Heaven, as cold iron kills fairies, science and skepticism undermines faith and superstition and iron from meteors can be turned against the sky

I think with the current five types, there are a lot that fit quite awkwardly. Wood is a catch-all for nature spirits and flying things that could better go to Heaven, and Metal has abstract beings, human-like beings, corrupted or weird things, etc. It would balance out the categories too: many in Wood and Fire could go to Heaven and many in Metal could go to Darkness.

Anyway, I'm not actually proposing that we implement this change, at least not for the first game! I just wanted to share it, because I think it's a great idea.

EDIT: I think it'd also be good to make Heaven and Darkness super-effective against one another.

It also occurred to me this afternoon that under my proposed system Fire (0.5 vs Earth, 2 vs Metal, 2 vs Darkness) would be very close to Darkness (0.5 vs Earth, 2 vs Metal, 2 vs Heaven). In that case, you could instead make Darkness super-effective against Wood, as living things need light, and Wood super-effective against Heaven (not sure why, though ... )

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By tamashihoshi 21 May 2016 17:28

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"Heaven and Darkness" sounds interesting...
I don't know if it's good to add new types, I won't judge about that. But here's something I'd like to add:

we have the 5 elements "wood", "fire", "water", "metal", "earth"; these are natural. The natural tuxemon belong to these types.
when the humans came, they brought something new... a soul, which can behave good or evil. They have moral.

Soon, a new wheel of elements was added, the balance of nature was changed. "heaven" and "darkness", "good" and "bad", "moral" and "corruption"... "cathedral" and "bazaar"

Soon, artificial tuxemon were created. The natural tuxemon had to live with the changes the humans brought. Since then, tuxemon existed, which adapted the types "heaven" and "darkness"