Form of Morphing: Held Item


By Sanglorian 11 Sep 2016 01:53

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Hi folks,

Quite a while ago, I wrote a new form of morphing (a.k.a. evolution) into the draft plot. Botbot evolved when it held an item (Booster Tech) and when that item was taken away from it it de-evolved back into Botbot. However, this wasn't connected to any other part of the game.

With all the talk about honing the game's message, I have been spending some time thinking about how to reflect the negative aspects of intellectual "property" in the game.

One of my ideas is to expand the held-item evolving that Botbot has.

I think we should make it so that all tuxemon sold by the Cathedral (which is just two per pillar in the draft script) can only evolve into their final form by being given an item (this consumes the item). The evolution would last a limited time before they devolved again. These items would be sold by the Pillar, so you have to keep buying them to keep your tuxemon fully evolved.

This is a good metaphor for DRM.

For example, Magmaturtle is sold by the fire Pillar (Nimrod). When you give it the Nimrod Badge, you can choose whether it evolves into Volcanoturtle or Gunnerturtle. After X minutes, it de-volves back into Magmaturtle. Hope you stocked up on Nimrod Badges!

In a way, this is an improvement on standard evolution, because you can choose whether to evolve it and which evolution to use whenever you need to. But its detriment is that it needs a constant supply of Badges, which cost money.

We have three  tuxemon already with forked evolution paths that would be great candidates for this evolution: Magmaturtle > Volcanoturtle/Gunnerturtle (Fire), Dollfin > Bigfin/Sharpfin (Water) and Grintot > Grinflare/Grintrock (Earth). We could develop a couple of others for the remaining types. And of course there's Botbot, which inspired this originally.


By josepharaoh99 11 Sep 2016 22:50

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Hmm... I'm not too big on this idea, but that's only me. I do like the idea of forked morph paths, but I don't like the idea of having to keep feeding your Tuxemon badges as long as the game lasts. Maybe your Tuxemon could permanently morph after a certain number of badges? Or maybe only one would do it? Or maybe you can do as you said unless you pay Omnichannel a huge fee to permanently morph your Tuxemon? Not sure, these are only my ideas and preferences; I'd love to hear what you guys think. But your idea is a pretty good one, Lori!

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By dulsi 12 Sep 2016 03:14

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If we do something like this I would do it for only a very short period in the game. You get Badge and evolve Magmaturtle. Some time later he deevolves. You talk to people. Professor says that shouldn't happen and examines the tuxemon. He finds it has been modified to not permanently evolve. He allows you to correct the problem.


By tamashihoshi 12 Sep 2016 17:47

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At first thought this is a nice idea.. but it might restrict the gameplay.

lets think about it:
you have a tuxemon. your tuxemon cant evolve to the final state. to evolve, you need a special item, but your tuxemon only evolves for a short period of time...
if the final evolution does not change your tuxemon too much, you might not use the third form.. its just eating money
but maybe the tuxemon is strong in its final evolution. you will use your tuxemon evolution to defeat bosses.
this will make the balancing hard though: your 3rd evo tuxemon might be too strong too easily and smash any foe to the ground. but if you dont use your 3rd evo tuxemon, you cant defeat the enemy (or you grind for a long time to level up your other tuxemons)

dulsi's suggestion is good, but if we only have 3 tuxemon: why is this element in the game? only to tell you a story, and thats it?
if we had more tuxemon with a "crippled" evolution (sounds a lil harsh, sorry) you kinda have another collective element (like achievements or quests, you now have to go to the professor to fix your tuxemon)
bad thing is: again, you have to walk aaaaall the way back to the professor. only to fix your tuxemon. annoying.
if we have a remote fix, then this feature becomes meaningless...

lets give the player more. let the professor not just fix the tuxemon...
let him tell you more. each time you fix one of the tuxemons, you learn a little more... about tuxemons, the environment, the elements...
a good amount of tuxemon could be 5 (hello wu-xing and cathedrals)

thoughts 'bout my thoughts? big_smile


By xirsoi 13 Sep 2016 00:33

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I would find this... aggravating, as a player.


By bitcraft 13 Sep 2016 01:05

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i dont see this mechanic really suitable for every monster, but if treated as sort of a side quest, easter egg, or some part of the story it could be fun.  maybe a few select tuxemon can have non-standard evolution paths like this


By Sanglorian 13 Sep 2016 07:31

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Thanks for the feedback, folks. Sounds like a lot of people like the idea as a short-term thing, but want a long-term solution.

What if Booster Tech was an alternative to the Badges, invented by your Mom and the Professor working together? It would be a cheap item that let you pick any evolution for the tuxemon you applied it to. In this scenario, Booster Tech would last indefinitely, until you applied another Booster Tech to that tuxemon (which would again let you choose any evolution).

This would be a good demonstration of how other people's inventions can build on and improve upon what has come before. The Badges technology added versatility, but at the cost of vendor lock-in. The Booster Tech is cheaper and more flexible, and it lasts longer.


By benneti 13 Sep 2016 12:55

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I think it may be worth a thought that from a predefined level onwards a tuxemon would have a specific Form (after all it should be in the spirit of a catch and train game, in my opinion it is one of the main points of pokemon to train a pokemon to evolve it) the items to evolve a tuxemon for a period of time could be seen as a kind of doping (which could include a damage after the evolved state ends)


By josepharaoh99 13 Sep 2016 18:26

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Having alternate morph/evolution items sounds cool (Booster Tech vs Badges) and fits well into the opposing forces of our storyline.

I agree with bitcraft that only a few Tuxemon should have this feature.

I also think there should be some way to permanently morph your tuxemon,  probably for some large fee. Or maybe you could help invent some Bazarr (forgot how it's spelled big_smile) cheaper alternative...

I'm really stuck in alternative morph/evolution paths now, though!

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