Monster Maker


By ShadowApex 7 Dec 2016 21:05

Lead Developer · 374 comments

I'm happy to announce a new section of the Tuxemon website:

The aim of the Tuxemon Monster Maker is to make it easier for people to create new monsters to submit to the Tuxemon project. Right now the monster maker has the basic ability to generate the needed JSON data to include in the game. In the future, you'll be able to submit monsters directly for review to automatically be included, without the need of using GitHub pull requests.

How it works

Right now the Monster Maker will let you fill out a simple form with all the required fields needed for every monster. Once you've filled out your new monster's stats, you can click "Submit" to automatically generate the monster in a data format that Tuxemon understands.

Future Plans

  • Automatically submit monster for inclusion in game.
  • Select moves that the monster will learn at each level.
  • Select the next transformation the monster will take.
  • Auto balance stats
  • Sprite editor (maybe)
  • List of other monster submissions.

How can I contribute?

The Tuxemon Monster Maker is open source, just like Tuxemon itself, and written with Node.js. You can view the source code on GitHub here. If there's additional functionality you'd like to contribute, feel free to fork the project and open a pull request!