Ice/Ape sprite don't have a name yet


By Chickenshowman 4 Jan 2017 07:51

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Just saw a post on /r/pixelart saying this place needs new sprites so I thought I'd throw one together. It's not great by any means (first sprite i've ever created) but I just wanted to post it so maybe a better artist could use it as a reference for a better sprite! The idea is like a yeti/ape that is Ice type. Not sure how to link pics directly onto this so ill post imgur links.

Here he is 64x64

And 192x192

I made a back sprite too but it's cut off on the left so not sure it's useable



Sorry if these aren't the right format or something. I'm not a great artist so I thought I could just post this and maybe someone better will fix them!

The evolved form will be a gorilla looking yeti (called Snorilla maybe?)


By Sanglorian 4 Jan 2017 08:40

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Hey, that's very cool - especially for your first sprite. You have a knack for it.

In terms of names, what about Chillimp, Iglemur, Brrrilla, Primeice, Gibbrrr ...

If you redid the back sprite so it's not cut off at the left, it would just need some face sprites and then we could put it in the game.

My main feedback would be that the hands look a little strange because the fingers all come to a stop at the same place - they look a bit like a comb. Tapering them off would help make them look more natural.

The format's great - either PNG or GIF is fine.


By Chickenshowman 4 Jan 2017 09:12

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Thanks! Well my first sprite that I created myself. Have copied a bunch of pokemon sprites for landscapes I was making like this

I'll try to find some time to make those sprites/fix the back one and post it again. I like Chillimp! Think I'll go with that one!


By Sanglorian 4 Jan 2017 09:33

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Thanks, you can check it out on the wiki here:


By Chickenshowman 4 Jan 2017 18:17

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Alright so here is the new back sprite 64x64

And here is the menu sprite

Frame 1 24x24

Frame 2 24x24

Menu Animation Gif 96x96

Edit: Oh and I redid the fron sprite so that his hands aren't so blocky.

Front Sprite 64x64

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By josepharaoh99 11 Jan 2017 16:33

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Welcome to Tuxemon Chickenshowman - your sprites are sick!! big_smile I really like the yeti sprite; it's already one of my favorite in Tuxemon now.

Here's a preview of the back sprite too for anyone who wants to see:
That's so awesome! big_smile

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By MirceaKitsune 16 Jan 2017 18:02

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Not bad at all! I support this being made part of the default Tuxemon game smile