Suggested Tuxemon Soundtrack


By Sanglorian 25 Feb 2017 13:21

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Hi folks,

As discussed in this forum and on the wiki, there's a bunch of free and open songs that would work really well in Tuxemon. Here's my suggested soundtrack - let me know what you think. … Soundtrack

Let me know if there's any other tracks that you think we need. There's an excellent collection of 8-bit music on Open Game Art (one thing we've discussed on here is whether we'd limit ourselves to 8-bit music. Since that's what I had the most tracks for, and they were the tracks I was most familiar with and enjoyed the most, I decided to go with that).


By xirsoi 4 Mar 2017 16:29

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It took me a couple of songs, but the 8-bit charm definitely captured me smile

Takes me back to way (waaay) too many hours playing Pokemon on my GameBoy Color. I still have that old thing, and it works!

This is great selection lori, this is the kind of work that will make Tuxemon great. Developers could code the hell out of the engine and no one would play if the various art assets sucked, or didn't even exist. The huge amount of effort you (and joseph) have put into collecting art and music will be what makes Tuxemon a great game in the end smile