My thoughts on the future of my contributions


By bitcraft 26 Oct 2017 04:45

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I just opened a PR that was months in the making.  I had been working on it off and on since the spring of this year.  I added some comments, which I will reproduce below for non Github members.  Its a bit personal, but as I have been doing a large portion of Tuxemon development lately, I thought I would share my feelings about it.  I realize asking for support in open source can incite strong opinions.  Please be civil if you have strong feelings about it.


Overall, many many small changes. I've been working on this PR now for a
couple months off and on... An hour here and an hour there sort of thing.
I'm happy to do it, but I'm going to get a bit personal here and just say
that I have found it much harder to find time to contribute to the
Tuxemon project. As a father of two young kids, when faced with the
choice of spending time with my family or in front of my PC, my kids will
always win!

I'm letting you all know this because I hope you will appreciate the hours
of work I put into Tuxemon and the other technologies that it uses: pytmx,
pyscroll, and my time giving out advice in reddit, irc, the forums, etc.

If anyone in the larger community has felt like the effort that I put into
Tuxemon has benefited them and provided game system for building a game
they want to play, then I ask you to consider donating something back to
the community.

We recently lost a great deal of content because it isn't clear if it can
be freely used in projects like Tuxemon. The harsh reality is that like
a programmer like me, the time to a skilled artist is often hard to find.

We can use Patreon money to commision artwork for use in Tuxemon from
great artists on the web. We can use it to pay for hosting expenses from
the forums and website that ShadowApex manages.

Soon I will become a Tuxemon patreon to support the project and keep it
going. It costs real money to keep the lights on, so to speak, and without
extra money, artwork, music, and programming will be harder to come by.

I've also recently joined a website called BountySource. The community now
is small, but it is becoming closer every month to becoming a real game
that people can build their own games with.

More and more, I am faced with the question "What is my time worth to me?"
If you've read this much, then you probably know what is coming next:

I am holding my hat out, looking for people to toss a few bucks into. If
Tuxemon has given you a positive experience, then please consider becoming
a member of the Patreon and contributing money to the project.

In the future, you could consider using the BountySource website to fund
the developers directly who add features to the game engine that we are
a part of.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that you enjoy the new features that
I've added.



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By MirceaKitsune 27 Oct 2017 15:31

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As I said in your pull request, I cannot donate right now; Me and my mother barely have enough money to not become homeless, and it all depends on my Patreon (and PayPal) working well for me. I really hope you and Tuxemon in general can gain more support, it is definitely well deserved!

For now I decided to try contributing in another way: I took a look at the Patreon page of Tuxemon, and noticed several issues that stood out to me as a creator on the site. I just posted a thread detailing each one of them, which I'm hoping will help make the page more attractive and in consequence give you more donations!


By Sanglorian 31 Oct 2017 11:00

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Thank you bitcraft for your dedication to the project.

I've added a couple of small bounties on BountySource for issues #156 and #290 and would love to see them pay out.

For other readers on the thread, those two issues were suggested for BountySource funding, along with #124, #303 and #156.


By ShadowApex 1 Nov 2017 05:40

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Thanks Sanglorian! I think offering bounties on particular features can really help with the project, and can potentially attract more developers to help out with the project. People should also be able to add to current bounties, so highly sought after features will have more incentive to get implemented.