Introducing Tuxemon Run - a proof of concept


By Sanglorian 18 Jan 2018 08:52

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Hi folks,

For the last couple of months I've been slowly teaching myself GDevelop, which is an open source game engine with WYSIWYG programming. I'm putting together a little proof-of-concept for a Tuxemon racing game, inspired by Monster Racers. I've never programmed before, so I'm very slow and clumsy, but it's at the point where I thought others might want to give it a try.

Play it here

Here's a screenshot:



By bitcraft 19 Jan 2018 17:59

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This is pretty cool.  Not bad for your first forey into programming~!  The controls are a little loose, but it is fun to play around with.  How does editing the maps compare with Tiled?

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By Sanglorian 28 Apr 2018 04:40

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Thanks to ShadowApex for allowing SVG uploads - I've added the vector sheets for Mystikapi and Frondly. I got a lot further with Mystikapi than with Frondly.