Side quests?


By lukejodonnell 8 May 2018 05:43

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Pokemon isn't really known for side quests if I am not mistaken, but I think they could be a fun addition to this game.  For one it would make this more like a traditional RPG.  For another it could help this game distance itself from Pokemon, which could be important if this project ever pops up on Nintendo's radar.  Obviously at the moment the focus should be on the main story, but I was curious what you guys thought about side quests in tuxemon.



By bitcraft 11 May 2018 03:22

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Yes!  Tuxemon isn't a 1:1 clone of any game, so we would love to incorporate fun ideas like side quests.  One big idea is "Crawls", and I think its the most promising.


By Sanglorian 11 May 2018 05:03

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There's also been talk of achievements, which could fit in as well: … ent_Maniac