Posting Guidelines


By ShadowApex 3 Sep 2014 19:04

Lead Developer · 374 comments

The forum board was created for the purpose of improving collaboration of user contributed content. By posting in the forum you agree to make it a worthwhile experience for you, and the other members of the community.

1. General

  • Write clearly
        No L33t-sp33k or Txtspk. No SHOUTING in threads — it’s rude and won’t get you anywhere. If English isn’t your first language, just do your best, and try to include a version of your post in your native language to allow other forum users to help you in your language.
  • Be polite
        Or at least civil. Remember that tone is hard to judge on the Internet — if you are not sure whether your post might be considered offensive by other people or not, err on the side of caution. No profanity or obscenities — the forums are intended to be friendly for all ages, and politeness trumps rude language in any case.
  • Thread titles
        When making a thread, make sure that the title accurately conveys what the thread is about. Vague titles serve little purpose in attracting attention if you need help, have a question, or want an opinion on your work. Thread titles in IN ALL CAPS (shouting!) are annoying, rude and highly frowned upon.
  • No distracting avatars or signatures
        Just like gratuitous text formatting, animated avatars or graphical/overly decorated signatures are considered distracting and are not allowed in the Tuxemon forums. If you do use these, you’ll be asked to remove them.
  • Think and read before posting
        Post a single idea/question/comment in only one forum section or topic. Read the entire topic before replying to it. Avoid double-posting. In most situations, you should edit your last post instead — especially if nobody has had a chance to read it. Nonsense posts may be deleted without warning, especially in a working topic.
  • Ask, don’t demand
        The Tuxemon community is powered by volunteers from around the world, each one of them with their own interests and occupations. We may choose not to help you if you make the process unpleasant.

2. Art and content in general

  • Don’t steal art or any other kind of content
        Plagiarism is not morally acceptable, and may get you banned.
  • If you post art…
        Keep it appropriate. The art directors are entrusted with making judgment calls about what is acceptable for inclusion in the game. Any art deemed inappropriate may be removed at any time.

3. Signatures

  • The signature size limit is 4 lines or 300 characters, whichever is greater. Note that lines are counted according to manual line breaks placed by the user, not text wrapping to fit the display area.
  • Colors are not allowed in signatures just like in regular posts.
  • Fake dividers using underscores or dashes(like _______ or --------) are not wanted, since the forum stylesheets already provide visual cues for distinguishing the signature from the post contents.
  • Signatures may contain text no larger than the normal size. Smaller text is allowed as long as it doesn’t become unreadable, so keep it above 50%.