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By Sanglorian 17 Aug 2016 22:37

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Thanks for your contribution, Nikita, and thanks for adding it to the wiki already!

To add a sprite, you'll need to log in (or create an account if you don't have one).

Then click "Upload File" in the sidebar

Then "Choose File", and select the oldest version of the sprite.

In the summary, write:

[[Category:64px]] / [[Category:24px]] depending on whether it's a face sprite or a whole sprite
[[Category:Squabbit]] / [[Category:Rabbitosaur]]
[[Category:Front Sprite]] / [[Category:Back Sprite]] / [[Category:Face Sprite 1]] / [[Category:Face Sprite 2]]

Then click Upload file.

If you have also made more recent revisions of the sprite, click "Upload a new version of the file" and that will update the file. (This way, we have an archive of all previous versions of a sprite. So we would record both Squabbit sprites that you've made).


By NikitaKurylev 18 Aug 2016 08:21

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I'll do so
Thanks for advice!

P.s. oops added wrong file
I'll delete it as soon as someone tell me how to (I searched "delete" button everywhere)
P.p.s. All Rabbitosaur's files uploaded correctly, but I didn't upload Squabbit's original front sprite

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By Sanglorian 18 Aug 2016 15:52

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All good, thanks Nikita. I added the original front sprite as an alternative sprite. I also added the two face sprites for Squabbit.

Thanks for your contributions!


By josepharaoh99 11 Sep 2016 23:29

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Are we allowed to use these? … you_think/

The cat seems too much like Persian, though.

By the way, does anyone know where Leo's been?

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By xirsoi 13 Sep 2016 00:32

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The cat actually reminds me more of Gatomon (of Digimon fame). I really like the Kisu line, but find the progression slightly odd. The back spines grow during the first two stages then disappear in the third to be replaced by two more heads and some tiny spines on the chest. Making the progression a little clearer could nail the concept down and make it one of the coolest Tuxemon in the library.

The cat is pretty neat too, but could use some cleaning up.


By josepharaoh99 13 Sep 2016 18:18

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Okay, so we have a few possible solutions for the grass tigers (which I really like big_smile)

1. In the first two, the spines stay the same size. The third has no spines.
2. In each, the spines get progressively larger. That means that the last would have the largest spines (which I personally think would look horrible...)
3. The first has the largest spines, and in each successive one, the spines get smaller (resulting in no spines for the last). This would make the first have spines really large for its size.

What do you guys think? Once we decide, I think these will look great as sprites!

Oh, and great to hear from you again, xirsoi!

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