Evolution of Tuxemon


By tamashihoshi 13 May 2016 18:21

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Here is an idea I had, which I want to throw in:

Evolution of Tuxemon

First of all, you catch a sumobug-caterpillar. You train it, it gains levels..
sometimes when leveling up, it also gains a new technique.
What I always wished for pokemon: The name of the technique is not enough information to say "hey, i will learn this technique and discard a different one"
so an information screen on the new/old techniques would be pretty cool (maybe using the nu phone)

Now on to my main idea:
sumobug-caterpillar evolves... it becomes the sumobug-coccoon

sumobug-coccoon can evolve to samuraibug OR sumobug. How will this be determined? Here is an idea:

as an example, sumobug-coccoon levels up to level 30.
"Sumobug can learn threadwhip or shieldsmash "

now the player can choose, which technique the tuxemon will learn. depending on what technique the player chose, the tuxemon evolves differently...
threadwhip -> samuraibug
shieldsmash -> sumobug


By Cavalcadeur 26 Jun 2016 18:38

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That's a pretty good idea. In fact t could be an awesome addition. I think the player shouldn't know which attack lead to which evolution to keep some sort of a surprise. It's like an alternative ending, your choice will influence how things evolve but you don't really know how.