Tuxemon gender


By bitcraft 2 Aug 2016 18:09

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A copy/paste of the issue on github:

I'll preface this by just saying I hope to avoid a long discussion about the differences of sex and gender in this thread.

In the future, it will be possible to give the translator hints about the gender of items, TXMN, and NPC's so that the machine-generated dialogs sound more natural (for example: using her/her/it when appropriate). In gettext terms, this would be used in the same way as "context".

So, for this issue, it would be sufficient to go through all the the DB objects, edit the json to include a "gender" attribute.

For discussion purposes, we will just assume the following types for now: "male", "female", "neutral". This issue is not directly related to fusion right now.


TL;DR:  TXMN need a gender assigned to them so that they get correct translations in some languages.  Also, items, and NPC's.

A potential pitfall here is that some locales may assign different genders to some objects, so I'll have to consider that.  Thoughts?

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