Do you need my help?


By NikitaKurylev 16 Aug 2016 21:41

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My name is Nikita and I like your project a lot. I have already looked through the most part of wiki.
I have never took part in open source projects before.
So, how can I help:
-I am good in English so I can translate game to Russian
-I also can create russian community if it is needed
-I have practiced at tiled
-Got experience at pixelart
-know python a bit (very very small bit)


By tamashihoshi 17 Aug 2016 11:30

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yay, welcome nikita!

we are glad for any help, feel free to look through the forums, read a few things and comment. This is also the first open source project where im helping once in a while. When i started i mainly read things in the forum.

if you would like to chat, join the irc channel. shadowapex is online very often, im also there sometimes.. also bitcraft is there. so if you are working on something, may it be a sprite or a piece of code, you can go online there and ask questions. usually they'll reply to you very soon and help tongue

im gonna write my ... erm.. "knowledge" or "thoughts" below to all of your skills. its pretty cool you can do that much big_smile

(i hope I didn't scare you, because I wrote so much. I talk/write alot, sorry)

- - -

about translations:
in github we have locale files, you can add a russion locale and begin to translate the words/sentences in the english translation locale … /db/locale
there is a ru_RU already so feel free to check if there are any mistakes or anything...
there is a github issue about correct gendering in different languages.. I dont know how gendering works for the russian language, but feel free to take a look at it:

about tiled:
Josepharaoh currectly works on maps and he posts his maps in the forum. i suggest you to take a look at the maps he created, also the maps which currently exist.
I bet josepharaoh can tell you more

about pixelart:
we have a few proposed tuxemon which do not have art (we also have some tuxemon with missing art, like the front sprite is done but the back sprite isnt finished yet)
you will find lots of information in the art forum like in the official art direction thread
if you have some pixel art, post your pixelart... you can, as an example, go on imgur, upload the sprites and post the link or embed the sprites smile

about programming:
I dont know much about the programming part but you can take a look at the issue page on github smile
ShadowApex and bitcraft can tell you more about what exactly needs to be done

We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when. But I know we'll meet again some sunny day!


By NikitaKurylev 17 Aug 2016 13:19

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Thank you for your reply