Question about maps


By Kelvin 29 May 2015 23:00

Member · 44 comments

I've actually already got some tiles divided up for how they appear in my game, and I'm wondering if I can just submit them as they are. The thing is, they're done like this: the tiles are divided into three sections, ground, which goes under everything, lower objects, which are above the ground but under actors, and upper objects, which are above everything. I'm wondering, is this close to how Tuxemon handles it? Also, they have 1px padding between the tiles. Is Tuxemon made to support that? If so, then I can just remove a couple KL-specific tiles and send 'em on over.


By ShadowApex 30 May 2015 07:15

Lead Developer · 374 comments

Tuxemon uses the open source Tiled map editor to create maps, which supports the 1px padding you have between tiles and placing tiles on different layers. There shouldn't be any problems importing your tileset as is into Tuxemon. big_smile