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Welcome Alchemist! It's great to meet you and already see you've got some great ideas for the project big_smile

Alchemist wrote

Edit- as an aside, I might also suggest a starting point to be from within the cathedral, playing by the "rules" and obtaining tuxemon in the ordained way, with the character arch discovering the open source method. This would set the protagonist as a "regular" gamer stepping into the open source world, which will probably relate to many players.

This is a fascinating idea, and I actually do like it a lot! This is somewhat already a part of the storyline (because the player starts off yet to meet the open source movement according to my knowledge), but I think your explanation could take it to an even better level! Would the player literally start "in the Cathedral," within Cathedral land, or just start in an area occupied by Cathedral enforcers? I personally like the player starting in a home town near a Cathedral center with lots of enforcers around, but that's just me.

As far as the digital world thingy, I'm not sure what I think, but it's definitely an idea worth considering - the Cathedral controlling the world and the economy. So what happens in this case when you defeat the Cathedral? I'm not sure... But anyway, thanks for your input, and I'd love to hear what the other guys think!

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By Alchemist 3 Jan 2017 18:40

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I would suggest that the player begins and progresses through the cathedral- that maybe half of the game takes place from the cathedral's perspective.  This extends the metaphor to the actual player, who likely began gaming through the traditional channels of copyrighted materials.

Then, a realization of a new way comes to light, possibly during the crescendo of the cathedral's arch. I don't think portraying copyright as a pure evil, or an evil at all, is necessarily a good thing. However, there is no doubt of some nefarious activity, and that should be the villain to take down. This would likely mirror many player's experience of looking forward to a new game, only to see it taken down due to dubious copyright claims, and the response to fight back.