Monster Wiki Syncing Script


By ShadowApex 15 Mar 2017 19:26

Lead Developer · 374 comments

Hey everyone,

We currently have over 200 monsters listed on the Tuxemon wiki, many completed, which is awesome news! With so many monsters, I wanted to start including a lot of these new additions to Tuxemon, but found the sheer number of monsters daunting to add manually.

To overcome this, I recently wrote a python script that will automatically download all the monster sprites from the wiki with completed front, back, and menu sprites, so we can include them all in the actual game. You can look at the script itself here: …

I'd like to add more functionality to this script, so any changes or improvements are welcome!

Here's what currently works right now:

What works

  • Scrapes the wiki for all monsters with front, back, and menu sprites.
  • Downloads the sprites to a tmp folder and names them according to the current sprite naming convention. (Sprites currently need to be manually moved into the resources directory.)


  • Scrape monster stats and mutations/evolutions
  • Generate a monster data file (.json) in resources/db/monster with the monster's stats, name, sprites, etc.
  • Save the monster data and sprites to the resources folder


By Sanglorian 16 Mar 2017 04:24

Champion · 550 comments

That sounds great! One thing I've thought about adding to the wiki is a checkbox for "complete". The scraper could then avoid grabbing incomplete monsters (or maybe grab them all, but put the incomplete monsters in a different location).


By tamashihoshi 16 Mar 2017 07:54

Champion · 261 comments

Should we probably include the generated json file in the wiki?
With it shouldn't be much work to do so (I think????)

Also +1 to Lori's complete checkbox. This would also be a great addition for the creature progress tracker smile