Debugging Thread


By bitcraft 28 Jun 2017 18:59

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I recently added a couple new debugging features to Tuxemon, including a "event status overlay".  The overlay displays all the running events from a map on the screen, and color codes the conditions, so you can test your logic and figure out why things are happening.  I recently was bug hunting and made the overlay because i just couldn't figure out why a particular event's actions were not triggering.  Well, now you can watch, in real-time, what the game is doing while checking map events.  I may add more to it....  If the mappers have any ideas about what to add or change, please discuss it here...

Below is a link to the github issue what I've brought it up.  Please check it out to see some screenshots. … -311722530



By ShadowApex 30 Jun 2017 20:23

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These tools are awesome. Hopefully this will help out map developers to troubleshoot events. Just for everyone's reference here, they can enable the debug overlay by editing their ~/.tuxemon/tuxemon.cfg file and setting collision_map = 1.


Here's some screenshots that bitcraft posted in the GitHub issue:




By bitcraft 30 Jun 2017 21:29

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Thanks for the pictures!