Tuxemon - The Project


By luke83 11 Sep 2014 10:26

Member · 30 comments

So i have some questions
When did this project begin?
Looking around the net there are some other promising PokeClones being developed (http://pokemon3d.net/,http://capx.wikia … /CAPX_Wiki) other than the Elements change, what other features are you planning to make this project stand out?
So far this projects seems to be a solo number, is there others than ( SHadowAPex) working on this?
Your hopes and dreams for this project?


By ShadowApex 11 Sep 2014 19:25

Lead Developer · 374 comments

I first started this project two years ago and have been working on it with a few other members. The Tuxemon community itself is still growing, but some of the other current main contributors to the project are: Berosk, zeurydice, and ItsBobberson.

There are indeed other Pokémon-like games out there, but none of them are fully open source projects. Pokémon 3D is not open source and uses copyrighted assets in their game. Pokémon Sage was built using RPG Maker XP, which is also not open source. It too also uses non-free intellectual property. One of Tuxemon's main goals is to create a fully open source monster fighting RPG, giving everyone the ability to improve, create, and modify every aspect of the game itself. If someone has their own vision of the perfect monster fighting RPG, they can fork Tuxemon and go off to make their own monster fighting game. If someone wants to learn more about how the game works, they can dig into the source code.

Some of the planned features for Tuxemon include monster fusions similar to how Alex Onsager implemented it, online multiplayer, dynamic mobile controller, and community campaign/map repository.