Start of a mini Tuxemon game in GDevelop


By Sanglorian 25 Apr 2018 01:40

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Hi folks,

On and off I've been working on a mini version of Tuxemon in GDevelop, an open source game engine that doesn't require coding. I've gotten a rudimentary combat system up and running.

I wanted to share it because people might be interested in checking it out or contributing, and because I've learned a lot about how the combat system could be designed from having to actually try to program a combat system.

If you grab GDevelop, you can get the Tuxemon project off of Github and then run it:

I've also planned out the combat system in fair detail in a DOCX that's part of the repository: … ystem.docx

Let me know what you think.


By bitcraft 26 Apr 2018 13:42

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I was able to download and test the game.  You were able to get a lot of the details in, without coding, very cool.