[SPOILERS] Dark Story Line inspired by Hunter x Hunter Chimera Saga


By nikkos 16 Sep 2015 00:45

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This idea is inspired from what I think is one of the coolest and most interesting stories I have seen from the Hunter x Hunter Chimera Saga series (basically the last 80 or so episodes of the show, the ones not english dubbed but with subtitles). The general plot of the story is that an ant species queen is able to pass on genetic material from its food to its offspring. So if it eats a tiger (these are big ants) then it could have a baby ant with tiger traits, maybe paws instead of tentacles, or maybe has tiger teeth instead of ant-like mouth claws. So the offspring are rapidly evolving as the queen eats more and more different kinds of species. And traits from multiple animals can be combined, so if the queen eats a tiger and a bird, then it might give birth to an ant with tiger stripes and wings. The show takes an especially dark turn when the queen starts eating humans, and then human genetics are passed into the offspring. The offspring develop language, have higher intelligence, etc. But they are also mixed with traits from other species. Eventually the offspring become more intelligent/powerful than regular humans and present a threat to humanity.

I say all of this because with the moral issue of what separates humans and tuxemons (are tuxemons sentient?) and the concepts of fusion of tuxemons. I wonder about a story line of a special (or experimentally lab produced) tuxemon that can steal traits from other tuxemon and eventually humans. What if you could talk to a tuxemon that had some genetic material from a human? What if these new, genetically modified tuxemon were able to catch other tuxemon and use them to fight? This starts to push some serious moral issues.

It's been fun to think about and just wanted to share these thoughts here.