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By Pia Carrot 25 Jul 2018 01:22

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Hi there, the name is Pia Carrot. You might know me as a ROM Hacker, and I won PokeCommunity's hack of the year last year with my project Pokemon Orange. Well, I recently started branching into new territory, namely Fakemon!

I came across this project today while looking for some free use designs for my dex, so I thought I would contribute. Now, I am exclusively a Gen 2 hacker so that's where my specialty lies, I can't draw well and my spriting for anything past that generation is lackluster at best.

First off, I noticed a lot of the gen 2 devamps for the sprites that did have them were not so good. So, I figured for the ones I am using, I will update them and post them here for you guys to use.

Here's Legko by Sanglorian:

Also, everything on my deviantart is free for use, so check it out: https://www.deviantart.com/piacarrot

And finally, with what I said before this is my up-and-coming fakedex.

They are free for use, just provide a link to the page and the credits.
Here's the names for whats on that current sheet:

001 - Tigrow
002 - Bushmeow
003 - Moripurr
004 - Searino
005 - Broilino
006 - Flamberino
007 - Beluby
008 - Coluga
009 - Verglasta
014 - Rapfi
015 - Rapiere
016 - Rapierd
035 - Helipi
036 - Coppi
037 - Parappi
038 - Gourda
067 - Cackleen
068 - Brumi
069 - Bewhich
076 - Claymorior
077 - Regalance
078 - Jeluna
079 - Katta
080 - Wapuru
082 - Gupphish
083 - Gupphire
084 - Golnagi
085 - Ambuwl
089 - Loboss
090 - Glifarry
093 - Candeer
094 - Reinsweet
097 - Yamada
113 - Yabba
114 - Dabbadoo
145 - Legko
166 - Voldragon
195 - Solight
196 - Lunight
200 - UF0

And here's some information on them:
Tigrow line - Jade statues, hence the rock typing
Searino line - The names are plays on cooking methods
Beluby line - A black ice beluga line, gets a ballista for a tail
Rapfi line - a Fencing Hummingbird
Helipi line - Designed by FrozenFeathers. Helicopter seed thing
Gourda - it gets an evo I haven't designed yet. Literally a pumpkin.
Cackleen line - It's the spirit of a girl possessed by an evil spirit. The final has a "sealed" form - bewhich_sealed_form_by_piacarrot-dci6vmk.png
Claymorior line - Design by JustinNuggets, Terracotta warriors. It's said only 1 in 1000 can evolve to rule over them.
Jeluna - Design by FrozenFeathers. Moon Phase jellyfish, changes depending on time of the month - jeluna_by_piacarrot-dci6vx7.png
Katta - Appears when Cut is used in the overworld.
Wapuru - Appears when Whirlpools are cleared.
Gupphish line - Design by JustinNuggets. Boiling Goldfish line
Ambuwl - Chansey clone
Loboss - Design by EeVeeEe1999. Final stage of a line still being worked on. Designed after the italian mafia.
Gliffary - Design by FrozenFeathers. Still working on the next two stages.
Candeer line - Design by JustinNuggets. Candy Reindeer line.
Yamada - Samurai ghost
Yabba line - Fossil dodo thing. Inspired by FraggleRock and The Flintstones. Initially a design by bigbadarmadillo.
Solight and Lunight - Design by FrozenFeathers. Placeholder legendaries.
UF0 - Design by JustinNuggets. secret mythical space cutie.

Have fun and good luck with your projects!


By Sanglorian 25 Jul 2018 11:47

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These are so good, Pia Carrot - thank you!

I did just want to check that you're okay with releasing them under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence (details here)? That's the licence we use to make sure that all contributions are open source and available for everyone to use. It's a bit more specific than allowing free use - for example, people can use the contributions in commercial projects (although no one has done so so far). It also guarantees that you'll be credited as you've requested.

I hope you're comfortable with that - if you are, it'll be so great to include your contributions!

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By Pia Carrot 25 Jul 2018 13:07

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Yep, that's perfectly ok, as long as credit is given.


By Sanglorian 25 Jul 2018 21:47

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Pia Carrot wrote

Yep, that's perfectly ok, as long as credit is given.

Thanks so much! I tried re-colouring a few of your sprites last night: