Stats, Combat, XP, Techniques Plan


By Sanglorian 31 Jul 2018 09:36

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Hi folks,

I've assembled four guide documents:

  • Characters: A plan for Stats, Body Shapes, Levelling Up and Learned Techniques
  • Combat: A plan for Order of Actions, Subroutines, Conditions, Damage, Swapping Out
  • Details: Elements, Combat Options, Conditions, Techniques, Formulae
  • Techniques list: 90 Techniques, assigned to 154 Tuxemon as Move Sets

This plan has been based on years of thoughts and discussion about how the game rules could work - thank you to everyone who chipped in! Also very important has been dipping my toes into coding, which has given me some insight into what is easy to program and what is difficult to program.

These aren't meant to be the end of the discussion, but my hope is that they will be the beginning of the end! They should serve as a clear plan for programmers who want to contribute - with tweaks if we identify problems. Once the combat system is worked out, I think implementing an in-game Tuxepedia is the last remaining "thing" before the game will feel whole.

Let me know what you think!