Unnamed Dual Type for Water-Wood


By sphyrth 8 Sep 2018 02:22

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I just noticed in your Monster Type Wiki that Water-Wood hasn't yet been named. Shouldn't it be along the lines of "Grass", "Plant", or "Nature" or something?

And I'll just shoe-horn a minor issue about something: Darkness and Heaven feels awkward to me. It should be "Heaven and Oblivion" or "Light and Darkness".


By Sanglorian 21 Sep 2018 23:27

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Hi sphyrth,

The Wood type on its own already covers "Grass", "Plant", etc, so I think Water-Wood would have to capture something extra. I've toyed with "Swamp" or "Marsh" or something like that, but nothing has really seemed to fit.

Heaven is meant to capture light, things that live in the sky (like birds) and goodness; Light could work for that as well I think. Darkness is meant to capture dirty fighting, evil and sneakiness - I'm not sure that Oblivion has the right connotation there.

Thanks for your thoughts and for getting involved!