How should Fusion work?


By Sanglorian 21 Oct 2018 06:39

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Hi folks,

I thought it'd be a good time to think and talk about how fusion might work. Some notes are on the Fusions wiki page.

Here are a few things that would need to be sorted out:

  • Is fusion permanent or temporary? Temporary could mean for the duration of a battle, or a hundred steps, or ten minutes, or until knocked unconscious, etc.
  • Is fusion destructive or not? In other words, do the two "contributor" tuxemon cease to exist when the fused tuxemon is created?

Permanent non-destructive fusion is breeding: Two tuxemon combine to create a new tuxemon, but continue existing. Permanent destructive fusion is splicing: Two tuxemon combine, and cease to exist separately. Temporary "destructive" fusion is a merger: Two tuxemon combine for a certain duration, and then the two contributor tuxemon re-emerge. Technically it's possible to have temporary non-destructive fusion, in which case you could fight with Rockitten, Bamboon and the Rockoon that they produced all in the same battle, then Rockoon blinks out of existence.

  • How is the sprite built? The template is Alex Onsager's process, which stretches the face of one monster to fill the slot for it on the other. The body is then recoloured to match the face. The other option is to have the head not resize (or only resize in integers). Because we have face sprites, we have more options in this regard.
  • Can fused monsters be fused with other monsters? If so, what happens with names, Stats, etc? If some elements are random, then fusing a Bamkitten with an Ignibus may get different results to fusing either a Rockitten or a Bamboon with an Ignibus. For example, it might seem like a Bamibus, but with a technique that originally came from Rockitten.
  • What level is the fused monster? Level 1? The higher out of the levels of the two fused monsters? The lower out of the levels of the two fused monsters?
  • Can any two tuxemon combine? Breeding assumes that only a male and a female tuxemon can combine, although ShadowApex has said before that he wants any two tuxemon to be able to combine.
  • What elements are taken from each contributor? It could be done completely randomly, so for each element there's a 50-50 chance of it being from contributor A or contributor B. Even then, there are a few decisions to be made about whether there's "slots" or "pools". Or is it structured, so the "male" always contributes type and face sprite, and the "female" always contributes Body Shape and body sprite?

For "slots" and "pools", think about tuxemon having either one Type or two. If a Water type tuxemon fuses with a Fire type tuxemon, presumably there's a 50% chance that the fused monster is Fire and a 50% chance that it's Water.

But what if a Water-Wood type fuses with a Fire type? Is it a 50% chance Water, 50% chance Fire, then 50% chance Wood, 50% chance nothing? Or is it 50% chance double-type tuxemon, 50% chance single-type tuxemon, then if it happens to be double-type, two out of Wood, Water and Fire are chosen randomly?

Similarly, what happens to techniques? Is it 50% chance to get contributor A's first technique, 50% chance to get contributor B's first technique, and so on through all three techniques? Or is it that three techniques are chosen at random out of the six available?

I have a preference for this process to be structured (or "genetic", since it's similar to how DNA works), so there's a "male" contributor and a "female" contributor that always make fixed contributions. This doesn't actually mean that only male-female can fuse; if it's male-male or female-female, you'd just choose at random which is the "male" and which is the "female".

For example, the male could always provide:

* First half of the name
* Face part of the main sprite; colouration; face sprite animation
* Type(s)
* Two out of the three techniques (randomly chosen from the "pool")

The female could always provide:

* Second half of the name
* Body part of the main sprite
* Body Shape (and therefore Stats)
* One out of the three techniques

(Or you could choose something like the male always providing the first Type, and the female always providing the second type, if any).


An interesting spin-off fusion site (which has generations 1-4 of Pokemon) allows you to introduce a third contributor, which just changes the colour of the resulting fusion. This is an interesting way to allow for a variety of colours!

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By tamashihoshi 7 Nov 2018 20:24

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Greetings o/

Some of my thoughts:

If the Fusion is permanent I'd probably not like fused monsters fusing with fused monsters. In Genetics, unnatural hybrids are unable to have children, that's where I get that thought.

About the level: In my world, it's probably the half of the fused mons... so a mix of level 4 and 8 makes 6. If it's somewhere inbetween, I'd round if off (so 3+4 makes 3).
The Stats: It's probably interesting to mix up the strong and weak stats. If Mon A has a pretty good STR value, but their speed is horrible, the fusion might have the strength and speed of A. This needs a bit more thoughts though, like what to do if STR of both are their stronges value etc...

About the visuals: I don't care that much about this point actually smile What I don't like that much is stretching - for pixels it usually looks crappy. If we provide different head sizes, we could use those.

About types and techniques: I like your thoughts there!


By Sanglorian 23 Nov 2018 22:24

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Thanks tamashi for your thoughts!

I've put together a few "blanks" that could be used for fusions. They still need some work - especially on palettes and head positioning.

A couple of thoughts:

1. We could limit the work involved by saying fusions always use the basic form of the tuxemon: so if you fuse Rockat and Eaglace you get a Rockitten + Tweesher mix, for example.
2. If we used layers, we could have some body parts appear above the face, making it look better. For example, here's "Rocktot" (Earth Brute) with and without layers:




Agnsher, Fire Flier


Tweebert, Water Sprite


Memnomkitten, Metal Hunter



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By Sanglorian 6 Feb 2019 07:34

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Here's a Pokemon webcomic that has a couple of episodes about fusion, which I thought people might enjoy! … -781518587 … -781925487