Introducing Tuxemon Galaxy - a prototype


By Cavalcadeur 28 Aug 2019 14:24

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Hi everyone !
I'm slowly trying to get involved more in the Tuxemon project. But before contributing, I wanted to create this little prototype.
Since Pokemon Sword and Shield's release date is set to november I had to get it done quickly.

The concept is pretty simple. Pokemon now has dynamaxed/giant pokemons. Let's have Tuxeplanets ! Planets based on Tuxemon.

So I made a clumsy prototype about a spaceship trying to capture Tuxeplanets. It's not perfect yet. I've been working on it for only a week. I hope I can improve the game later even though it's not my top priority right now. It's more like a demo or a little joke-concept.

You can try the game here :

Feel free to report any bug, submit any idea or reuse any asset. The project is hosted on github :


By Sanglorian 29 Aug 2019 11:11

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Thanks for sharing, Cavalcadeur! I like the idea of Tuxeplanets one-upping Dynamaxed Pokemon!

I didn't have much luck while I played, though -- I grabbed one AV8R right at the start, and then couldn't find any more.


By Cavalcadeur 29 Aug 2019 15:45

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Many thanks for the feedback.
Maybe I should explain it in game but there are solar systems scattered around the universe and you have to fly in the void in order to find new planets. Like in space, there are far apart from one another.