Panic in the Long Grass - playing Tuxemon as a tabletop RPG


By Sanglorian 23 Sep 2019 02:51

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I found a Creative Commons BY-SA licensed tabletop game called Panic at the Dojo, which is a tabletop RPG about martial artists switching stances as they battle it out. I realised that the switching stances mechanic could instead be switching monsters, so I put together some notes and resources for running Panic at the Dojo as a Tuxemon RPG.

Would love to know what you think! You can buy Panic at the Dojo here -- I heartily recommend it! Or you can check out the free preview adventure, Karate Hotfoot, on the Kickstarter campaign page.

* Panic in the Long Grass rules
* Panic in the Long Grass personality, item, monster, class cards