Experience, Levelling and Morphing


By Sanglorian 4 Jan 2020 04:24

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I've put together some notes on experience, levelling and morphing as there's been a flurry of activity on Discord and Github. Feel free to join the discussion there, here or wherever you like!


Monsters range in level from level 1 to level 100. The number of experience points an individual monster has determines its level.

Monsters mostly gain experience points through battling other monsters. There may be other ways of gaining experience points as well.

Most monsters can “morph”, evolving from one variety to another. This morphing is typically one-way and permanent, but that does not have to be the case. No monster permanently morphs more than twice; some monsters only morph once or never.

Current implementation of experience points and levelling

•    When an enemy monster is eliminated, all player monsters that did any amount of damage to it are given an equal portion of (its total experience points / its level).
•    A monster increases in level if its total experience points meet or exceed (its level * its Experience Required Modifier) ^ 3. I believe the Experience Required Modifier is currently hard-coded to 1 for all monsters.
•    I believe at this point a monster only levels up once upon gaining experience points, regardless of how many it gains. However, the remainder are stored, not lost.
•    I believe morphing/evolution is not yet implemented.

This results in some funny behaviours:

•    Level 1 monsters give no experience points.
•    It takes a monster defeating between five and three monsters of the same level to increase in level – with low level monsters needing to defeat more monsters to level up. In most games it’s quicker to level up at lower levels and it gets progressively slower.
•    I suspect that this is quite quick levelling up compared to other games, and compared to the story that we have planned. 
•    All monsters of the same level give the same experience points (not necessarily a bad thing, but it is unusual).
•    Monsters can have more experience points than their level would suggest; they potentially “should” be many levels higher.
•    A monster could make a contribution in battle without damaging the opponent, e.g. using a technique that makes them confused or enraged. Currently, they wouldn't receive experience points for participating in that battle.

Questions to consider

•    Do we want monsters that only used non-damaging techniques to share in the experience points of the defeated monster?
•    How many equally-matched battles do we want a monster to be involved in before it gains one level?
•    Do we want lower-level monsters to gain a level after more or fewer equally-matched battles than higher-level monsters?
•    How much more experience points should higher-level monsters give than lower-level ones? Is defeating a level 10 monster worth twice as much as defeating a level 5 monster? Or four times as much? Or more?


By MirceaKitsune 5 Jan 2020 22:05

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A heads up relevant to the discussion: There's now a finished PR which implements evolutions, I'm only waiting for the team to merge it at this point. The way they're executed is fully customizable and up to the person designing the game.