New Tuxemon: Pairagrin, Arsinal, Cindinal


By xirsoi 28 Jan 2020 17:10

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Type: Wood
Category: The Two-Headed Falcon Tuxemon
Description: One of Pairagrin's heads is always searching for prey, while the other focuses on flying at great speed.

I'm imagining a really intense look for Pairagrin, something like Dodrio and Pidgeot having a love-child. Sleek and angular lines, a little like a fighter jet.
It would have below-average HP and Attack, low defense, very high speed, and above average intelligence.
I don't know if intelligence is represented in the engine atm, but I think of it as a clever bird.

I don't know about colors, but earth-tones make the most sense to me.

Type: Fire
Category: The cinder tuxemon. (?)
Description: ?

Cindinal would look just like an American Northern Cardinal, with the black bits around the face having bright orange cracks (like glowing embers) and emitting wisps of smoke.
For stats, I imagine it would be a bit like Pairagrin; High speed, low-ish hp and defense, slightly low attack. Maybe a high Sp.Att. to represent it's fire-y nature?

As a younger form of Arsinal, it should have some of its features softened to make it look more juvenile.

Type: Fire
Category: The pheonix tuxemon. (?)
Description: ?

Arsinal would be the next form of Cindinal, with all of its feathers looking like glowing hot metal wire. It should look like a blue-jay in shape (they're a little... pointier?), but red and orange because fire.


P.S. While typing this up I had the thought that there could be a base Cardinal/Blue-Jay mon that evolves into several elemental forms. Like Cardigale for Water or Cardarbor for Wood. Thoughts on that?

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By xirsoi 29 Jan 2020 01:39

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Oooo, my wife had the idea of a Pairagrim evolution for Pairagrin and I thought that sounded cool!

Also, a Cardibranch could evolve into Cardarbor.


By Sanglorian 29 Jan 2020 02:45

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Thanks xirsoi, they sound good! Have you done any sketches or sprite art for them? That's usually the next step in bringing these creations to light.

We already have a family of fiery cardinal-based monsters,

But these new ones could be variants of those, or a new take on the idea - especially if you go in the direction of a base plus several elemental forms.


By xirsoi 29 Jan 2020 11:28

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That would explain why the name Cardinale kept popping into my head...

I don't have any art at the moment, wanted to get feedback first.
I'm rather enamored with my base+elemental forms idea, so I'll probably do some thinking and come up with a full set of 11.


By xirsoi 31 Jan 2020 03:47

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Tanager (the name of a group of species in the Cardinal family)






What do you think of these names?