Version 0.3.0-alpha Release


By ShadowApex 26 Sep 2015 20:05

Lead Developer · 374 comments

I'm happy to announce that all the version 0.3 goals have been reached! This latest alpha release includes a lot of new features that brings us ever closer to a feature-complete game!

I'd like to especially thank users dtdannen, druz320, and ChillyCider for their code contributions and Cavalcadeur, rsg167, Kelvin, and TacoBot for their art contributions during this milestone!

For a list of changes and binaries for Android, GCW-Zero, Windows, and Debian/Ubuntu of this release, check out the latest release on GitHub. Note that this is still an alpha build!: … .3.0-alpha

Release Notes

Tuxemon pre-release version 0.3.

Known Issues:

  • Ogg music will not play on Mac OS X.
  • Pressing ENTER while in a menu will still activate button press events.
  • In Android, all touch events will create a K_UP event for all buttons.
  • When using a smaller resolution, world player movement is slower.
  • Game may sometimes hang when exiting.


  • Added optional rumble support with libShake
  • Added a new plugin architecture compatible with Android that removes the Yapsy dependency.
  • Added random encounters
  • Added animated combat and basic capture animations
  • Added a basic creature catching system
  • Added NPC pathfinding
  • Added polyline collisions, to have collision walls that are less than a tile width
  • Added item sprites
  • Added experience system
  • Added Bigfin, Bolt, Djinnbo, Eyenemy, Fruitera, Nut, and Rockitten monsters
  • Added redesigned event system for simpler map events
  • Fixed bug where you could not launch the game outside the root game directory
  • Fixed existing maps and some events to work with new event system format
  • Fixed joystick events
  • Fixed bug in deb package that would cause the game to not launch