(Unofficial) Tuxemon Matrix Community


By freshreplicant 25 Feb 2021 12:46

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Just in case anyone stumbles across the forums before they see the Discord or something else - I created an unofficial Tuxemon Matrix community a while ago as part of a process of gradually reducing the proprietary software tools I use. Pretty much nobody on there so far, but I just wanted to let people know it's there in case anyone else wants a free and open source Discord alternative.

Matrix and its clients, like Element, still have a ways to go before having feature parity or the same usability as proprietary counterparts like Discord, but they do offer a lot more on the privacy, decentralisation and user freedom side. No judgement if that doesn't tip the scales for you of course but I thought it would be nice to have Tuxemon represented on that side of the ideological fence too (besides the IRC, of course).

Here's a link to the Matrix community:

Unofficial Tuxemon Matrix Community

Element, the main client for Matrix will probably start to implement a new version of its 'Communities' soon, called 'Spaces' which will be more user friendly and Discord like. Could be a big game changer for Matrix. Once that launches, I will most likely transfer the Tuxemon Community to a Space.

Matrix also has other third party clients for different platforms. Some of them look really nice, but they tend to lag just behind Element in terms of feature parity, but hopefully that will change as they mature.

There are also quite a few easy to implement bridges (including for IRC and Discord) so that's always an option later on.

Might see some of you on Matrix then.

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