What are the rules of Tuxemon?


By Sanglorian 29 Apr 2016 11:49

Champion · 550 comments

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone on the programming side of things could write a human-readable explanation of the rules of Tuxemon (particularly Tuxemon combat). Some excellent equivalent guides have been written about Pokemon.

I think this would be useful so that contributors can understand the mechanics behind the game. They'll have a better sense of what techniques and items to design, for example. It will also demonstrate which areas are lacking (for example, I believe we currently only have one condition, "poison").

Along with this, it'd be good to see a description of how stats work. There's advice on how to code your own tuxemon, including stats, but no information provided about what that means. What does a Defence of 7, but Defence Improvements of 0.9, 1.0, 1.1 mean?