Sorting Combat Actions (from: "Combat actions not sorted" in github)


By tamashihoshi 9 May 2016 20:14

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for those of you who do not check github: what do you guys think?

I'd say putting items + healing after combat moves (as in many jrpgs if im not mistaken) makes the battle a little more strategic but makes it harder.
You can't just go on "ill attack until i have low hp and heal my tuxemon" but have to think and be careful.. and heal your tuxemon maybe a little more earlier or go a risky way.

funny thing is: that's something that made me build up a item-too-late-death-paranoia in most games. i personally dont like it THAT much to be honest, but i still think its something valueable somehow. do i sound weird? happy

your opinion on that (not on my weirdness but on the action order)?

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By r1g1l 10 May 2016 03:30

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I like it there are just a few things wondering.

Will the status damage still come last or be included with the normal damage phase?
IMHO leaving status problems last is best

What about the Capture Device?
i think it should be in a 'special items' category that gets used first no matter what.
is would make it impossible to catch a tuxemon who always runs e.g. Latios/Latias style AI
I know this might not even be in the game but still would be a good option to leave open.

so just to clearify i'm thinking
special items -> run -> speed of monster -> regular items -> healing -> status effects